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Welcome to Key'd In

Welcome! You are now KEY’D In!

I have finally done it!
After literally years of contemplating a new blog, navigating through a plethora of solutions and options, taking into account careful consideration to time and even money in spinning up another site with, of course, blog level “special requirements”, I decided to bite the bullet. Welcome to Key’d In!

After literally years of contemplating a new blog, navigating through a plethora of solutions and options, taking into account careful consideration to time and even money in spinning up another site with, of course, blog level “special requirements”, I decided to bite the bullet. Welcome to Key’d In!

This seems familiar

I’m sure a slight few of you may be thinking, “Hmmm, this blog resembles the same name as those post you did on YouTube Jamaal. What the hell?”. That’s because….you are correct (I love the name though! Give me a break!).

To be honest, I feel in some ways the Key’d In videos had sort of an identity crisis.

On one end, I saw Key’d In as a personal micro vlog where subjects spanned the gamut between personal and professional interests, all while “hammering in” a frame around a “personality” of sorts; to essentially give…a body or recognizable identity to the somewhat abstract idea of Key Jay. The idea would hopefully create transparency between me and my audience and essentially build a relationship with them over time…in the comments section (lol). Some of you may recognize that part of the changes I made to create some separation was to create another segment, aka “Jay’s Thought Locker”.


On the other side, you had a video stream that wanted to become a source for development updates on my existing projects, new project announcements and updates, general ideas, events, and discoveries that both affect and influence my creative development and personal development.


To a point, I generally got the message(s) across for both sides of the coin and I generally enjoyed the…sometimes hilarious process of making each video. In the end, a few problems hindered the progression and growth of the Key’d In videos, the main of which was time.


It’s true, videos have a high penetration potential with the public if you do them well. I mean, it’s not like YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet or anything.

Every YouTube channel owner wants their video content to be effective; to see their message reach the right audience and become a catalyst to valuable conversations, shares, interaction, and…ad revenue (lol). Of course, to reap those benefits, a proper and potentially well-performing video takes time to shoot, edit, write, publish, tag, share, promote, thumbnail, and all within a reliable and consistent timeframe.

Big brands have teams, schedules, fluid workflows, and more importantly buffers to help offset that time. However being a local team of one, creating a consistent schedule and buffer became a real problem and based on the results that came back from my initial venture, I came to the conclusion that the Key’d in and Thought Locker videos were just becoming a hindrance to the bigger picture.


Marques Brownlee filmset
Marques Brownlee Filmset


Key’d In and Thought Locker just wasn’t very effective.


With the majority of what I was publishing skewing in the direction of pure “update feed”, it seemed as if many people did not see either video segment as valuable content from me…I mean, as I stood, who was I for anyone to really care? As a result, views on these videos were pretty low, comments and interaction with them were next to non-existent, with only statistical data to assess their true value which at times can be misleading. So essentially, while I did find some value from both an on-camera and broadcasting education perspective, I felt like I was burning time, essentially taking away from the larger works that I wanted to do.

Though, I still wanted a way to fuel conversation with my audience. But in order to do so, a change had to be made.



It’s honestly been years since my last stand-alone blog. I believe my first ever blog was created back in my first year of college on the public platform Blogger, back when I was also still trying to grasp Digg or something. Quite frankly, I don’t even remember what I was writing about (maybe the high prices of a single college book, or maybe animation lol).


“Perseverance is the name of the marathon”

-Some dude on this blog


Still, there are lingering questions that I must ask myself. What is the goal of this new blog? What has changed? What makes a written blog like this so different from the videos? Why make the time investment and doesn’t this still take away from your creative ventures once again? What’s the point?


I think you can agree that what I want is what everyone who tries to center themselves as a successful brand wants.


Frozen Bubble


What I want is to create a space where I can be truly transparent with my audience, with the most efficient use of my time possible (while hopefully maintaining a sense of consistency), where the results of what I make can be found as valuable to both myself and my audience. What I want is to create an opportunity for both interesting conversation and interaction while springboarding my success as a creator, hopefully to the tune of professional illustriousness and financial stability. What I want is to build trust. What I want is to build brand confidence, excitement, and essentially position my creative ventures as a consistent positive talking point, where I can express my ideas in much more details and as a result, and excite others to the future of their potential. What I want is to create a demand for Key Jay.


Potential Value in Text


I feel a written blog may help me reach those goals, essentially becoming an extension of my total product offerings. Even though written blogs require a higher degree of time to digest, I also feel they have a greater deal of impact. This is because you have a larger area to express your thoughts, ideas, and opinions. This also lets you expound on details of your topics much more freely. Lastly, since Google LOVES text, I feel this content may give me a much larger reach.


This doesn’t mean I’m eliminating video altogether. But it does mean that I have less of an incentive to create vlogs now…that is until people want them of course.


So what about structure? What is going to be on this blog?


What I don’t want to do is make the same mistake as the vlogs in which its content felt a bit too jumbled, prompting me to split into two segments. While I feel like I have higher control of content separation with written blogs, I can’t just write about anything…well I could but again, who’d care?


“Doubts can be potholes or sinkholes. Up to your interpretation really.”

-Again, Some dude on this blog. Think he needs a coffee.


While still essentially a personal blog of sorts, I do still have a goal of providing content of value. So while I am still “anti-niche” per se, I’m not anti-focus. And yes, maybe I will write about my experience with Kingdom Hearts III…or rather, my history with Kingdom Hearts leading up to the decisions both musically and creatively to make Project Kingdom XIII, and maybe even some higher detail on the process of a few songs within the project. I highly doubt though that I’ll be writing about what dog park I took my dog to on Wednesday. Granted, I don’t see how writing an article about  “How Dog Parks could help fuel your creative process” would be off limits. Do you see where I’m going with this?


Creative Dog


I think the value of this new content may even become ever-green someday, perhaps spawning a plethora of how-to posts to solve a problem that I was facing that others might find helpful, useful or interesting. There’s something to be said in a well-crafted text (also the benefits of writing more shouldn’t be understated either).


Patreon members have access to their own content here as well essentially eliminating the need for Patreon site only blog posts (which honestly I wanted to get away from. I thought I could use Patreon as my only blog, but I honestly didn’t like that approach). If you are a Patreon member, you should be able to log in to comment no problem as well!


New Beginnings


My creative journey is filled with successes and failures. What’s important I feel is to not be ashamed of those failurs just as long as you learn from them. Perseverance is the name of the marathon. Doubts can be potholes or sinkholes; up to your interpretation really. You must adapt like water…and I’m done searching google for creative inspiration quotes now (lol).


Here’s to another step in my process, to which I feel could be fun and relaxing, but also grounding and self-reflective on myself as a person, and a professional.


I appreciate you taking this new journey with me! If you haven’t already, please subscribe to the blog and email list. If you have any suggestions for improvements moving forward, or even words of encouragement, I really appreciate it!


Thank you and ENJOY!



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