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    About This Project

    Party-Zon was a short two part EP Dance/Electronic music project produced by Jamaal “Key Jay” Ephriam in May 26, 2011. Injecting some dramatic elements and voice over for an almost epic theatrical approach, Party-Zon centers around a world that has become infected by a ruthless virus causing those infected to dance and party uncontrollably while involuntarily infecting others in its wake.

    The story begins with the virus’s creator, Dr.Okeen (Jamaal’s middle name), documenting the effects of his creation as he hides in an abandoned bunker trying to escape the infected. To no avail, he eventually becomes infected and ultimately leads the charge in infecting the world with the XPZ-010 virus.

    There are two parts to the project: The Yin Strand, and the Yang Strand, each with a unique production style and endgame.

    Contribution to Project:

    • Produced, mixed, wrote, composed, arranged, and sang all projects.
    • Voice acted in skits
    • Created graphic marketing material using provided artwork.

    Project Additional Credits:

    More information about this Project:

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