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FLUR: Blades of the Universe

About This Project

FLUR: Blades of the Universe is an American produced Audio Drama and Manga created and written by Jamaal Ephriam, the second of FLUR universe based stories. The project first began in 2009 and has since been re-released on iTunes in 2014. There is currently only one episode available.


The normal life of High School senior Lida Garuzo, had always been considered peaceful; filled with plenty of friends, good times, and an annoying five-year-old little brother. However, when a strange phenomenon occurs, she immediately finds herself thrown into the middle of a secret war between worlds. With the help of a rebel faction known as “The Resistance”, Lida must take arms, and utilize her wit and courage to uncover truths surrounding this War of Worlds—and the war slowly building within her.

Dive into a world where the impossible becomes your greatest weapon and your worst threat; a world filled with fierce warriors, monsters, and giant pink bunnies. What destiny awaits a girl living in a world of shadows? When a lie is the social order, will she betray her heart, her allies, and her friends for survival?

What she finds on her journey and the resulting “truths” she finally justifies as reality … may ultimately lead to the end of all existence.

Contribution to Project:

  • Created and Produced
  • Provided additional voice over work
  • Lead composer, Sound Designer, and Mixing Engineer
  • Voice Actor casting director
  • Marketing, website, and PR.

Project Additional Credits:

  • Taylor Carlson – Lida Garuzo (voice)
  • Marcy Edwards – Reece Lamroe (voice)
  • Heidi Tabing – Caroline (voice)
  • Rachelle Heger – Lasinda (voice)
  • Wes Davis – Yuzo (voice)
  • Danielle McRae – Relonia (voice)
  • Matthew Hocking – Alzion, Dokata (2014) (voice)
  • Andreas Somville – Creage Liscus (voice)
  • Chris Bell – Marcus Garuzo (voice)
  • John Billington – Din (voice)
  • Sandra Espinoza – Faura Viontola (2014) (voice)
  • Ian Fox – Lusarious Yodirlat (voice)
  • Emily Koch – Katie (2014) (voice)
  • Kyle Loucks – Elliot (voice)
  • Kristyn Mass – Myrin, Scar (voice)
  • Jamie Norwood – Nomolos Yodirlat (voice)
  • Michael Palmer – The Entity (voice)
  • Alejandro Saab – Ted Uko (voice)
  • Will S – Jeremiah Loriscal (voice)
  • Carlos Herrera – Concept Artist, Pencils, Cover, and first Four Pages
  • Paolo Aguasin – Inks

More information about this Project:

iTunes Version