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Dies Irae: Phantatium Elements

    About This Project

    Dies Irae is an original classic style role-playing game created by Jeremiah Caudle; an adaption of his original radio play and story. Explore an epic adventure about the trials of Esther Keshet, and friends Jeremiah Constantinea, and Andrew Sephirot.

    Esther, a talented phantatium crystal user, must journey to unlock the secrets buried deep within her heart. Aire to a grand power and purpose, will she rise to become the savior of a land troubled by the whispers of war, or, drowned within the pits of betrayal and sorrow, become a god of chaos?

    Contribution to Project:

    • Provided voice work for Zaniel Vesta and Luscious Van Sephirot.
    • Provided SFX and Mixing for Episode 6.
    • Composed, written lyrics, arranged, mixed, and Sung main theme song: β€œLands of Forever”.

    More information about this Project:

    Dies Irae Official Facebook Page