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Of Mist and Zombies!

Holding off for a little bit on the Fly post that my Patrons are aware of (see this post), it’s the end of the month and I’ll admit, it’s been a lot more maintenance and planning than anything. However, I have some exciting news for everyone!

UPDATE [08/08/2019]: Beyond the Mist is now officially available for download on the Pixel Mixers website. You can find all the download information here:


Beyond the Mist Premier

Let’s start with the big one. This has been a project that I’ve talked about before in previous posts. After a few delays, loads of work, sweat, tears, and generous contributions from over 50 musicians, Beyond the Mist (presented by Pixel Mixers), our astounding tribute album to Final Fantasy IX and Nobuo Uematsu will finally premier today, June 28th at 3:00PM. You can find the premier video below.

You’ll find my contribution on the track Oeilvert and I will also have the song available on my YouTube channel and SoundCloud after the project goes completely live.

The full project will also be available FOR FREE download…That’s more than 7 HOURS of music covering the COMPLETE Final Fantasy IX Original Soundtrack!

This post will be updated as soon as the download link goes live.


Zombies in Boca!

So it’s happening again! Yet another rare LIVE performance with myself and Out of Pockets slated also for today in Boca Raton at the Robot Brewing Company. I’ll be performing on their Halloween style track, Zombieland Dreams 3 once again!



Project Wind

My Patreon’s already know about this rather large project in development and I will have more public details about it soon. Patreon members get a first-hand look on the development process of the project so please don’t miss out!


That’s it!

That about does it for now! New projects are still on the horizon so keep it locked here for all future Key Jay updates!


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