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A few months ago, I launched a new product store called KEY JAY PRINTS. Positioned as a print hub for all my past and future visual products, It was hosted on the ever so popular printing platform RED BUBBLE which at the time, seemed like a great idea.Key Jay Prints Header

I’ve ordered from RED BUBBLE in the past for personal consumption (a Kingdom Hearts shirt here, a Zelda shirt there, etc.), and I was pretty satisfied with the quality of their prints and very much liked that they had a wide selection of media available. I soon found out that you could set up a store with them, similar to Zazzle, for print on demand (POD). So I felt it more than fitting to give their store platform a shot.

The problem with a lot of POD platforms though is not just the lack of control over the look and feel of your virtual micro space, but it also brings with it, higher costs to produce and print products, often yielding much less per sale, rewarding very little to the designer. You are also limited to that specific platform’s stock so selling locally produced products aka “Out of Catalogue” stock is out of the question; they generally aren’t (most of the time) fulfillment centers.

The all new KEY JAY STORE is different however.

Backed mainly by Printful this time, I have a lot more control over the flow, look, and feel of my products, along with the added benefit that, thanks to the new site, I can add ANY kind of product that I want.

This can range from exclusive limited printed accessories, music or shirts, to even software, or “Pumpkin flavored limited time Key Jay Cheerios”….which totally needs to be a thing like yesterday.

Heck, I could even have custom skateboard decks! And that’s the other beauty of my own host store; I’m not limited to any one supplier! As I grow and I become more acquainted with other suppliers and local printers, so will the uniqueness and quality of my product offerings!

The change will have it’s challenges and there will be limits to what I can provide vs Red Bubble at first; I won’t be able to provide everything that Red Bubble has in product selection…at least initially, and with the added control comes additional administration tasks that I am now personally responsible for, but I believe that setting things up this way will lead us to even higher quality products in the future, while having a dedicated platform that maximizes your contributions which in turn benefits both KEY JAY and all KEY JAY PRODUCTIONS!

I also have control over discounts featuring my own discount codes and coupons, bundles, etc. so now I can group things in unique packages now at my discretion!

This will primarily be a benefit of becoming a POWER CREW VIP member (which you should totally join if you want to maximize your support for KEY JAY and KEY JAY PRODUCTIONS), but I plan to have new deals and products at every level so keep watch on the KEY JAY BLOG and at the KEY JAY STORE for more updates.

Of course to make things easier, remember you can always SUBSCRIBE to the KEY’D IN Newsletter to get detailed updates delivered straight to your inbox.

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