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Depths of Oeilvert Released!

At long last, I can finally release this track to the world! Many of you probably remember me talking about the exceptionally large Final Fantasy IX project I was working on with the Pixel Mixers earlier this year. Since then, the project has premiered each disc (6 IN TOTAL) every week with the final disc scheduled to premiere this Friday.

It was only a matter of time before my track came up and as anxious as I was to release it, unfortunately, my track comes up much later in the actual game thus putting me on Disc 5…So…MUCH…..WAITING! (lol). Yes, I could have released it sooner, but I felt that releasing my version after the Pixel Mixers premier would help both our videos perform better.

Still, the wait was certainly worth it! Those of you who came out to the premiers got to talk with all of the 50+ composers live, and we even got to learn from each other exploring new production techniques and interesting execution styles!

“Depths of Oeilvert” is now officially available on my YouTube and SoundCloud page. You can also fully download the full free 7+ HOUR album from the Pixel Mixers website, or stream it entirely on YouTube via playlist or by disc (links below).

Since I’m working on another behind the scenes post (that my Patreon’s are aware of 😉 ), I’m considering writing about this track as well considering that it took some study before I was actually able to write the track; I think some of you may find the process interesting.

Till then, ENJOY!

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